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Service Description: City of Richardson, TX street data showing one centerline even when medians are present.Fields to consider:MTFCC: Field updated 10/2014 with 2014 Census Tigerline Data. Codes existing in this field include: S1200 (Secondary Road), S1400 (Local Neighborhood Rd, Rural Rd, or City Street), S1630 (Ramp), S1740 (Private Road for service vehicles (logging, oil fields, ranches, etc.)) More Info about MTFCC CodesROADCLASS: refers to the street classification used in the Master Transportation Plan by Development Services. Class is determined by the connectivity and amount of volume. This field was updated 10/2014. See MetaData folder in GIS_Share for more detailed information about road classes.metadata edited 02/2019

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Copyright Text: City of Richardson

Spatial Reference: 102738  (2276)

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Document Info: Supports Dynamic Layers: true

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