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Legend (EmergencyOperations/WaterSewerWithParcels)

Manhole (1)
Manhole Manhole
Cleanout (2)
Clean Out Clean Out
Pump Station (3)
Lift Station Lift Station
Sewer Lateral Line (4)
Lateral Lateral
Sewer Gravity Main (5)
Gravity Main Gravity Main
Sewer Pressure Main (6)
Pressurized Main Pressurized Main
Hydrant (8)
Other Owner Other Owner
City of Richardson City of Richardson
Private Private
System Valve (9)
Water Valve Water Valve
Boundary Valve (10)
Boundary Valve Boundary Valve
Water Fitting (11)
Fitting Fitting
Reducer Reducer
Water Network Structure (12)
Other Other
Water Pumps Water Pumps
Ground Storage Tank Ground Storage Tank
Elevated Storage Tank Elevated Storage Tank
Water Lateral Line (13)
Lateral Line Lateral Line
Water Main (14)
Distribution Main Distribution Main
Transmission Main Transmission Main
Pumping Infrastructure Pumping Infrastructure
Pressure Zone (15)
Pressure Zone Boundary Pressure Zone Boundary
Railroads (17)
Railroad Railroad
Ten Foot Contours (18)
Contour Contour
Street (19)
Street Street
Private Street Private Street
Creeks (20)
Creek Creek
Parcel (21)
Parcel Parcel
Building Footprint (22)
Building Building
Municipal Boundaries (23)
City Limit City Limit
County Boundaries (24)
County Line County Line
Facility Sites (25)
Medical Medical
Transportation Transportation
Public Attraction Public Attraction
Government Government
Shopping Center Shopping Center
Education Education
Fire / Police Fire / Police
Industry Industry
Post Office Post Office
Parks (26)
Park Park